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Tales from the PC…

My mom would ask "Cheryl, why is the mouse always going off the window?"
Me: "Mom you're suppose to direct it onto the area you want to left-click to."

“my moms is pretty bad too. one time she was trying to check her online bank statement and the computer lagged a little, she had to shut down the whole computer, unplug it, wait 10 mins and restart the whole process. she basically told me that she didn't want any hackers looking at her account.”

Should I get an iPad instead of a PC? 7 Essentials

Although the PC is a versatile tool, most computer users only a need a specific range of functions from a computer.  In 2010 the iPad bought these functions to people in an incredibly easy to use package.  In this article we will see some of those functions and answer a few questions about whether you should get an iPad or a PC.

iPad mini, how does it compare?

The iPad mini is undoubtedly the premium small tablet offering. It’s light, has 10 hours of battery life, delivers 1024 by 768 screen resolution and a vast selection of quality apps. The iPad user experience is still the most accessible for people.

5 Great Reasons to get an iPad Stylus


Steve Jobs described the use of a stylus (or pen) on touch devices such as the iPad and iPhone as “yuck”.  He said that most of us already had ten fingers, so why would we need anything else to use touch screen devices?

Of course at the time Steve was trying to differentiate Apple’s iPhone from those that had come before.  Many are now finding that while touch works well, there are some good reasons to use a stylus sometimes.